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Builders First Choice matting division is focused on providing high-quality matting solutions for a variety of needs. From commercial entrance matting to industrial matting and safety matting, we have the solution for you.

We understand there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution—you need to choose your mats based on the specific needs of your business, and that’s why we offer a wide range of options. Whether you need industrial matting that can stand up to oil spills and heavy machinery traffic, or commercial entrance mats that can handle high foot traffic, we’re here for you.

We also recognize that each business has its own unique style, and we want our mats to fit seamlessly into your space. That’s why we offer an array of colors and textures; whether you want a plain black or brown color, or something more colorful or patterned, our team can help you pick out the perfect mat for your needs.

Entrance Matting

Whether building or renovating, an integrated Edgewood entrance system can enhance safety while boosting the aesthetics of your entrance.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Fatigue in the workplace has a direct correlation to decreased productivity and increased accidents. We have solutions for any work situation.

Industrial Matting

Industrial mats must often perform in demanding environments. These products will protect your workers and the workplace environment.

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People always ask Noah how were you able to get all those animals to come to your Arc? I tell them, there were other Arcs, but there is only one "Builder First Choice" for the best entrance mats for your home or arc.
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Noah 5000BC
I absolutely love these mats. My employees like them as well. I have had no complaints about standing for long periods of time since I purchased the anti- fatigue mats for my coffee shop.
Mila Kunis
I was just "Bob" until I found Builders First Choice .
Bob the Builder
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